Will remote working for interims become a permanent arrangement?

All the signs are pointing to a large number of employees asking for more flexible working arrangements from employers, as workplaces start to open up more.

As new routines settle down, I am keen to see whether this desire to embrace different working arrangements will also extend to the interim placement market.

Despite advances in technology, up until the start of the pandemic it was still normal for most roles to be required on site or in the office in the FM sector. But like so many other businesses, here at myfm, our associates have worked differently and in a variety of ways showing innovation and creativity over the past 18 months to continue to provide our clients with the services they need.

When it comes to deciding on flexible working for interims in future, ultimately it will be the call of the individual hiring manager. Factors such as the culture and arrangements in the client organisation will also come into the mix when decisions are made.

Some may argue there is a difference between trusting the track record of someone who’s work you know well and that of an interim contractor. But I think probably more important is whether that hiring manager places trust in the judgement of the organisation introducing candidates for the role.

That is why at myfm we make it our business to get to know our associate pool well. But more than that, we also carefully match individuals to clients and the culture of their business.

I firmly believe that there are great advantages for hiring managers if they are prepared to embrace either a hybrid or even remote working arrangements, when the role permits.

1. During the pandemic many interim FMs have been operating more remotely and it has worked well. This gives hiring managers the option of considering a bigger pool of talent across a larger geography, as location matters less.
2. This means talent is available from different regions as more people are willing to consider roles further from home when there is less need for frequent travel or be permanently based on site. Also hiring managers have the option of candidates without necessarily paying premium rates or travel costs.
3. And finally, people are generally happier and more productive when we are able to support them better with work-life balance.
When your business requires interim support in person, of course myfm will still be available to refer plenty of candidates. But the more we challenge ourselves to think differently about working arrangements in the interim market, the greater the potential prize for clients and associates alike.

Feel free to talk to us at myfm about interim contractors, even if you don’t have an immediate need as we would like to hear from you. Contact Ulf Muller – ulf.muller@myfm.co.uk.

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