Why muddle through when you can triumph?

We all know the theory about why managers should delegate, and it is so much more than just off loading the jobs you don’t fancy doing yourself!

Delegation helps you focus your energy on the most important jobs in hand. Often, it provides the opportunity to get tasks completed by someone who can do a better job than you. And when you are overworked, stressed or simply getting a bit behind, it releases the bottleneck around your own capacity, enabling everyone to pull together as a team and succeed.

Put simply, if you want to be seen as a high achiever in today’s workplace you need to demonstrate you have what it takes to enable your whole team to do well and that involves delegation.

What lots of us are finding though is that in the current climate, when everyone is taking on more work and teams are getting leaner by the day, getting the balance right between what we do ourselves and what we delegate to others is getting trickier.

Put it another way, you are managing a team which is shrinking, and you have lost some of the specialist talent which you have relied on in the past. Do you try to complete these tasks yourself or pass them to someone else who is probably already overloaded with work and may not have fully developed the skills required? If you take this on yourself it will divert you from other work or increase the pressure and stress levels which you already face. But the alternative is probably a dissatisfied client when expectations are not fully met because standards of delivery have slipped.

Whichever option you choose will inevitably have a knock-on effect on your perceived performance, as well as that of your team. Can you afford that to happen, especially when you are trying not to rock the boat because you are worried about your own future?

These are the sort of real dilemmas playing out in FM teams today. But the thing is it doesn’t have to be this way, disadvantaging you, your career and your team’s success. The key is to have access to the right skills and experience when you need it most. You can turn on and off the specialist talent you require, only paying for what you need, through the interim placement market.

At myfm we will step in at short notice to fill a skills gap for a few days, a few weeks or even longer, if you wish. This means you can access the best quality skills and experience our industry can offer, enabling you as a manager to focus solely on how to meet immediate needs rather than trying to anticipate complicated scenarios about what the future might hold.

We have a bank of over 200 associates, ready and willing to provide the extra capacity you need. We also have a large number of FM specialists available, who are especially useful if you have had to lose a niche role during downsizing.

Times are tough, we all know that. But as a manager why compromise when it comes to your own success? We can help you develop the right skills mix around you, so you can enable your team to triumph over adversity, rather than simply muddle through and get the job done.

To talk to myfm about interim placement contact Ulf Muller – ulf.muller@myfm.co.uk.

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