Why flexibility is crucial

The customer in the modern economy is very demanding. It’s no longer enough for a service to be delivered efficiently and professionally. The delivery must be on OUR time, in OUR budget and tailored specifically to OUR unique needs and requirements. This kind of demand for sophistication in the services we use often clashes with logistical and operational standards of those providing the service.

In any kind of service provision, be it product delivery or high-end consultancy and management, the needs of the client are expected, at least in some capacity, to be malleable to the business process. Many companies in the service industry view their operational process as almost sacrosanct. They prefer the journey from a purchase order to a completed piece of business to be as stable, predictable and by-the-numbers as possible. When a client asks for certain special provisions to be made to suit their particular needs, most service providers will make many of the necessary changes, but in numerous cases these kinds of compromises risk being viewed as a challenge or inconvenience to be overcome, rather than an opportunity to make the service more malleable to the client’s needs. The service can compromise with the customer, but it’s hardly à la carte.

Flexibility, the capacity of companies to continuously tailor and reconstruct their method of service delivery to suit the customer’s more complex and intangible requirements, is becoming increasingly vital as market competition becomes more intense. A more malleable approach to the business process, where the completion each new purchase order is tailored comprehensively to the client needs, is not only highly desirable, it is more efficient.

A Client who feels their requests are not being adequately met via a by-the-numbers approach can hold up the delivery of a contract indefinitely, but if, through the brokering process, the Client’s needs are extensively outlined from the outset, less time and money is wasted in the delivery of the dependable service you provide.

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