Shaking off the Corporate Shackles

A recent LinkedIn poll showed that some of the biggest fears for FM professionals that prevented them from going it alone and starting their own business – a dream for many people – was the fear of the unknown, a to small network of possible clients, having no IT or finance department, carrying out non-revenue making and time consuming tasks, cash flow and also the fear of not being able to talk to colleagues about any issues.

With the use of interim resources and outside expertise on the rise in our industry the myfm franchise model is a unique opportunity for FM professionals to set up a business unit and earn a very healthy income, all made easier by being part of a proven model that enjoys the support from the shared services team that can help overcome the fears raised above. This team supports the unit directors with, finance & invoicing, relationship development, marketing and resourcing for all aspects of servicing their clients with programme, change and project management.

It’s often a daunting time when going it alone but with the myfm model whilst you are starting your own business you are definitely not on your own. The shared services team is here to support you and being part of an increasingly well know brand you are instantly part of a successful team.