Reacting to your needs quickly – A Dependable Response

In business today, we accept that events happen at speed and that our decisions must match the pace.  We get frustrated when the IT connection takes more than a few seconds or we are caught in a queue.

Managers in Facilities Services are routinely faced with juggling resources and making a call to use a finite resource to its best advantage, all under the pressure of tight deadlines and the commercial spotlight. Every now and then, comes the perfect storm. You have two equally important deadlines that need to be achieved – but just one team. What do you do?

There is now more acceptance, in forward thinking organisations, around the concept of using external partners to meet peaks in demand. This flexible management approach can be used to cope with reductions in overheads and the loss of key individuals. But just how quickly can external partners react when you are against the wall?

Just recently myfm had a call at 9.00am to attend a meeting with a couple of Senior Directors in a UK top 10 FM Supplier. We agreed a time of 14.00 at Waterloo station, where the conversation turned to a ‘must do’ Request for Information (RFI) submission – but there was no one to make it happen. During the discussions a call was made to myfm’s central support team and a subsequent telcon was planned for 15.00 to advise what could be done.

An experienced myfm resource, known to the FM Service supplier organisation from a previous engagement, was made available and by 16.30 an internal email had been circulated in that organisation detailing his role and responsibility. He was to achieve a first class submission through harnessing standard and bespoke company information. By around 17.00 the electronic documentation had been passed across and the 10 day deadline was ticking.

Final sign off was made by a Senior Director in the Supplier team and much of the text ended up in the bid library.

Key to this success was:

  • Working closely with these clients to really understand their business culture and ways of working.
  • Being the trusted and reliable resource to meet the problem with a solution.
  • Integrating with the team to provide the most cost-effective model and to deliver the required results.

But more than all of that, it was reacting and turning it all around in under 24hrs. Now that is what I call service!