Prepare for a return to the workplace with our readiness checklist

The UK is starting to open up again and so more people are returning to the workplace. Is it down to you to manage this process? If so, our workplace readiness checklist and Return to Work Guides can help.

Workplace Readiness Checklist

Planning, Policy & Comms:
1. Create a Covid Management & Leadership Team (including H&S/HR/FM/Management)
2. Create a site-specific return to work plan (covering all building users including visitors)
3. Agree and communicate home/office workplace policy and procedures.
4. Test & Trace – define and communicate testing policy including procedures for positive results
5. Complete Covid-19 risk assessments (updated in line with latest government guidance)
6. Initiate an ongoing multi-channel communication plan to include all building users

Building Access & Social Distancing:
7. Routes considered and one-way signage introduced where required e.g. stairwells (FM)
8. Workplace layout and seating plan modified to minimise close proximity risk (FM/HR)
9. High risk areas such as toilets/showers/meeting rooms/kitchens controlled (FM/H&S)
10. Maximum capacity for building and facilities therein defined and managed (H&S/FM)
11. Staggered working times considered (HR)
12. Screens/barriers introduced to mitigation airborne infection risk (FM)

Hygiene, ventilation & PPE
13. Face mask policy defined and communicated (FM/HR)
14. Air circulation/ventilation systems set to prevent recirculation of stale air (SFG001 Standard – BESA) (M&E)
15. Touch points throughout building minimised (FM)
16. Sanitisation regime to touch points and high-risk areas increased (Cleaning)

Monitoring & Management
17. Monitoring, management, consultation and communication – all stakeholders (FM/HR)
18. Regular review of government guidance and effectiveness of RTW plan (Leadership Team)
19. Monitor compliance and manage non-compliance consistently
20. Document decisions & communicate regularly.

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