Our story

myfm was founded in 2004 by Ulf Muller who had been employed in FM suppliers such as Johnson Controls and GS Hall. Ulf identified the cyclical nature of the FM business, recognising that peaks of demand for skilled people cannot always be met by internal resources alone.

After several years of operating alone as an interim manager, Ulf created a core team of like-minded individuals who could provide combined or individual resources to clients. The learning around relationship development, resource management, invoicing and compliance contributed to the creation of the current myfm structure in 2009. In 2013 work started to formalise the myfm brand strategy, purpose, and values. As an organisation we strive to fulfil our brand promise of being totally dependable to this day.

Key facts

myfm provides services to 90% of UK government FM strategic suppliers. This is approximately one third of total UK government strategic suppliers. We focus on providing totally dependable resources to client organisations at short notice and deliver results that are measurably beneficial. We are flexible and provide what our clients require to help them deliver their FM services offerings and satisfy their customers. myfm is committed to health and safety and compliance with other key policies to underpin our workplace practices and achieve synergy with our clients. We regularly review both our documentation and delivery to ensure we are compliant. We hold a weekly review of any potential problems through a formal ‘Issues Register’ with the aim of raising standards of behaviour throughout the business. myfm has policy statements for:

  • Health & Safety
  • Ethical Conduct
  • Information Security
  • Quality
  • QHSE Statement
  • Equality
  • Sustainability
  • Training

Our people

Each myfm Business Unit is owned by a Director.

We have a pool of more than 200 associates, of which between 50 and 100 are employed in delivering assignments at any one time. Discover how to join our Associate network here.

We have a central team, responsible for resourcing, client relationships, business administration and branding.

To discover how myfm can help you, please call Ulf Muller now on 07906 266499 or email ulf.muller@myfm.co.uk