We are keen participants in the world of work and constantly alert to changing trends and shifts in the work environment. We aim to be at the leading edge of employment thinking. The focus of myfm is to contribute to successful working practices and to help people be the best they can be, within their chosen area of expertise. This is how we came to define the purpose of our business. It is why our business exists and why we are inspired by our stakeholders who are helping to shape the changing future of the world of work.

Our purpose

We help people to be more successful in their working lives.

Our values

At myfm we are a people-based business. We have developed systems, processes, and effective methodology, yet the key to our business is personal connections. We have developed a way of working based on strong relationships, fostering a collaborative spirit, and a focus on success.

We have defined four key values to create the framework for the way we work, and the way we behave.

Nurturing relationships

We build long term relationships based on loyalty, and trust. This is the heart of our business. We invest time, and care in understanding the people we work with.

Appropriate matching

We identify the true problem, then deploy the appropriate people, skills, and know-how to align with individual client culture and approach.

Working together

We work effectively within Client teams to achieve great results and work together to provide the best team solutions for our Clients.

Reliably responsive

We respond immediately to support clients, yet also understand that situations can be dynamic.  That is why we can stand down with just a day’s notice.

Our promise

We are totally dependable.

To discover how myfm can help you, please call Ulf Muller now on 07906 266499 or email ulf.muller@myfm.co.uk