myfm has a track record of helping FM suppliers working in the health sector meet the stringent demands placed on them by SPV’s and patient expectations.

Working in this environment often involves activities across legacy and new PFI estates where the twin drivers of compliance, and performance need to be balanced against patients’ needs.

At the same time, hospital operators face enormous pressures to meet targets and increased patient footfall. myfm understands the operational, compliance, and budgetary challenges that come from working in live healthcare environments.

Client requirements

Demonstrable compliance, and accuracy of reporting against the asset base are key needs. It is through bringing these elements together that health professionals and patients have confidence in their local hospital 24 hours a day.


Our experienced pool of talent provided a diverse range of support to clients, helping to improve efficiencies, performance, and reputation.

Skills provided

  • Experienced estates managers to back fill vacant positions.
  • Individuals to undertake asset verification, PPM and lifecycle management.
  • Project managers for specific or ongoing estate works.
  • Energy specialists to undertake strategic or tactical activities.
  • Experienced compliance managers conversant with HTM.

To discover how myfm can help you, please call Ulf Muller now on 07906 266499 or email