There are a variety of ways myfm can support your business. We are results-oriented and aim to be a seamless extension to your resources and provide you with the capacity, rapidly, to respond to the changing demands of your business. We specialise in bridging any gaps within fluctuating requirements where typically service scope, timetables, and resource demands change. Overall, we bring peace of mind by providing the ability to escalate your numbers of trusted and experienced operational people – at any time.

Here are just a few examples of how we can help your business:

Work winning

  • Providing bespoke solutions in managing bids and writing proposals.
  • Designing structures for organisation and operations.
  • Creating strategies for implementation.
  • Sourcing for supply chains and procurement.

Energy management

  • Supplying energy managers.
  • Carrying out energy site surveys.
  • Supporting strategic improvement programmes.
  • Energy performance contracting.
  • Provision of DEC and EPC certificates.
  • Energy focused maintenance.

Operations and development

  • myfm provides practical support including interim management resources.
  • Absence and holiday cover.
  • Statutory and contract compliance readiness and audit.
  • Contract management and performance improvement.
  • Programme and project management.
  • Specialist technical advice and support.
  • Client relationship management.


  • Managing mobilisation activities.
  • Asset verification programmes.
  • Due diligence, audits, and surveys.
  • Setting up systems processes and procedures.
  • Life cycle planning and programming.
  • Managing organisational change.
  • Contract ‘go live’ data management support.

Here are a few case studies showing the totally dependable and flexible service we provide:

Many of the businesses we support deliver critical services across diverse business sectors and some of them are strategic suppliers to the UK government.

To discover how myfm can help you, please call Ulf Muller now on 07906 266499 or email