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Permanent recruitment solutions with Myfm.

When FM service providers are looking to make a permanent recruitment, they have several different options at their disposal.

For many of them, the more obvious solutions can be the most salient for their specific needs. there are numerous large recruitment companies that can supply an on-demand service for the relevant talent. The likes of Michael Page have a good, workable understanding of the FM market in their ranks and an unrivalled pool of CV’s. The problem with using a solution like this is that most often, they are recruiters first and FM professionals second. Many of our own clients have let us know that recruitment companies can be a bit hit and miss, as they often fail to understand the intricacies of performance variation and ‘culture fit’ that determine how well an FM manager can slot into a contract or organisation.

Other service providers thus prefer to keep most of their recruitment and HR capabilities in-house. Many FM Directors find this option allows for better alignment between business objectives and the candidates they consider but it sacrifices a thoroughness in the resourcing process you might get elsewhere. In-house recruitment is inherently more reactive. Less resources are available to devote entirely to talent acquisition, and the CV pool is far shallower.

The permanent recruitment service offered by Myfm perfectly covers the deficiencies in all these options. Our unparalleled depth of experience and range of capabilities in the FM market ensure that we have the expertise to pre-empt our client’s more complex, intangible needs. Our permanent recruitment capabilities are complimented by a consultancy service, ensuring that our approach is always solution-based, rather than just placing a bum on a seat.

But we also maintain a deep network of associate FM professionals that ensures we can respond to assignments even more quickly than a recruitment agency, without sacrificing quality service provision.

A flexible, dependable, solution-orientated approach to permanent FM recruiting is what you can expect from Myfm.

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