Pat Roche MyFM Director Ireland

Experience has shown me that good and timely decision-making, which is critical to cost-effective outcomes, is often sacrificed because of a lack of understanding of the relevant behavioral and technical issues. One of the most effective ways to finding a better way is to get the benefit of the right experience at the right time.

My experience covers the following areas:

• Facilities Management;

• Engineering Management;

• Asset Management;

• Risk Assessment and Safety Management;

• Lean Process Tools and Techniques;

• Strategic Energy Management Support;

• High-Quality Energy Audits;

• Production Efficiency and Optimisation;

• Maintenance Management;

• Energy Management and Efficiency;

• Business Process Engineering;

• Project Management and Engineering;

• Construction and PSDP (Project Supervisor for the Design process);

• Building Handover.

Contact me

Tel: +353 872 484 566