IR35 – was the change just another storm in a teacup?

At the start of 2021, IR35 seemed like a huge change looming on the horizon. Contractors were worried that jobs would dry up and companies were concerned about the extra red tape they faced and whether they were actually ready for a change in the law.

But a couple of months since the big switch and at myfm, we are all left wondering if it was another storm in a teacup.

We are continuing to see a steady increase in demand for contractors, very much in line with the growing economic confidence across the country as we start, fingers crossed, to put the pandemic behind us.

The team at myfm is continuing to work with clients so that IR35 assessments are accurately completed for our associates to ensure compliance with the rules and to support clients during this transitionary period.

If you are a contractor, be reassured that we are not seeing any obvious signs that IR35 has had an impact on the appetite of companies to engage the right interim talent. Many contractors found 2020 particularly tough with stiff competition for a limited of number of placements. Like many other industries, FM companies were forced to take a cautious approach when it came to engaging interim workers but that is now starting to change.

Interestingly what we are noticing is greater acceptance of remote and flexible working which potentially opens up new opportunities across a wider geography for some contractors. But also important is that this willingness to be flexible on where and how you work, has a positive effect on IR35 assessment.

What the IR35 changes have probably achieved is greater clarity for companies and contractors alike. The more we get involved in the nuts of bolts of the assessment process, the more convinced we are that the majority of interim placements, by their nature, are just that and will continue to remain outside IR35.

As well as supporting our clients with the assessment of our associates, we are also now offering a consultancy service to support with the assessments clients are undertaking. We will use the Government tools for this and will help you develop a streamline system to assess roles.

To talk to us about IR35, contact Ulf Muller, myfm Managing Director or Mané Lucas, Head of Resourcing for more information – or

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