Henry Peters MIWFM

Using many years of experience in operational management in the facilities management industry to help clients access the right skills to meet todays’ challenges. This involves providing access to dependable external project support through a network of skilled and reliable resources.

As a Director of myfm, I put together project teams to help:

• Develop strategic business models

• Carry out operational management reviews

• Design and evaluate space requirements

• Conduct benchmarking exercises for hard and soft FM services.

I can also place experienced and qualified people into your business to help you manage peaks in workflow, or to provide specialist technical expertise, using our extensive bank of over 200 associates – some of the best people in the industry.

Think we can help? Either message me directly or reach out to one of my colleagues – resourcing@myfm.co.uk or visit us at www.myfm.co.uk


Contact me

Tel: 07809 638 195

Email: henry.peters@myfm.co.uk