Don’t lose the opportunity of new talent because of a freeze on recruitment

That several large and medium sized firms have already put a permanent recruitment freeze in place comes as no great surprise given the growing economic uncertainty and fears of a second wave of Covid-19.

This of course is a well-trodden path for many firms and a technique widely deployed to reduce spend on payroll in the short term, while an assessment of financial stability takes place.

But surely when times get tough that is exactly when you need to be recruiting the right talent to help your business thrive.

We all get the intent with a recruitment freeze – minimise spend and do it fast. But the problem is that this places additional burdens on the remaining workforce and that can take its toll.

If the amount of work individuals take on becomes unreasonable, it will of course have a knock-on effect on productivity and could even lead to corners being cut. Morale can be adversely affected and that is when the best talent may well decide to walk, often straight into the arms of the competition.

So, what if we tell you it is possible to avoid this?

What myfm can do is engage the recruit you’ve found on your behalf, enabling them to start work as planned with your business, on either on a fixed-term contract or by agreeing a daily rate with them, without having to put them on payroll.

As the facilitator, we will take care of formalities such as IR35 assessment and ensure the correct tax and national insurance contribution is made.

If your business recognises the need to access talent now but an employment freeze is stopping you, contact or telephone, 07906 266499 for a confidential chat, or email

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