Create a safety net now to manage unexpected resourcing challenges

Whether you are embarking on home improvements or managing complicated resourcing plans for an FM team, unexpected problems come up, even with the best planning in place. When I was up a ladder the other day deciding that roofs weren’t actually my thing after all, I started to think about the process we follow when we need competency and capacity quickly. Generally, we work through the following steps, in this order, until we hit upon the right solution:

1. Can I fix this myself (the in-house option)?
2. Who do I know who can save the day (friends/associates/ex-colleagues)?
3. Who do I trust who can recommend someone else (the wider network)?
4. And, if all else fails… Google!

I know from the many conversations I am having with leaders and managers in FM that the landscape is changing rapidly right now. Some teams are reducing in size, others taking on new commitments and all are having to adapt the way they work. At the moment the main focus is on cost management strategies, including identifying risks and planning mitigation. But when the unexpected strikes in a few weeks, months or even years and specialist competency or capacity simply isn’t available in-house, leaders and managers will need to make a choices between failing to deliver and accessing the skills they need from elsewhere. The astute leaders and managers know that non-delivery isn’t a realistic option for their organisation or for their careers. How many operational tasks can be switched off or delayed indefinitely without having a sizeable impact on staff morale, health and safety, client satisfaction? What do you do when the three strategic contract bids all land in the same month and you don’t have the in-house resources to support them all?

At myfm we like to talk and we are keen to get the know you better – now while you are planning; at the point you are wondering if you will need additional resources but are still not quite sure and also when you have a pressing need to plug an urgent gap in your team, yesterday. We have over 200 associates on our books, people we know, many we have had a relationship with for many years and successfully placed on an interim and consultative basis with numerous clients. If the role is so specialist that we don’t have a ready-made solution, we have experience of leveraging our extended networks to find just the right resource to meet your needs. Whether you are reading about our organisation for the first time, or you are already actively engaged with us, let’s make time to catch up and get to know each other a bit better. Because when the time comes, and it will, we would like to help you at 2 or at a push 3, rather than leaving you at the mercy of 4.

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