Will remote working for interims become a permanent arrangement?

All the signs are pointing to a large number of employees asking for more flexible working arrangements from employers, as workplaces start to open up more. As new routines settle down, I am keen to see whether this desire to embrace different working arrangements will also extend to the interim placement market. Despite advances in […]

IR35 – was the change just another storm in a teacup?

At the start of 2021, IR35 seemed like a huge change looming on the horizon. Contractors were worried that jobs would dry up and companies were concerned about the extra red tape they faced and whether they were actually ready for a change in the law. But a couple of months since the big switch […]

Prepare for a return to the workplace with our readiness checklist

The UK is starting to open up again and so more people are returning to the workplace. Is it down to you to manage this process? If so, our workplace readiness checklist and Return to Work Guides can help. Workplace Readiness Checklist Planning, Policy & Comms: 1. Create a Covid Management & Leadership Team (including […]

Message to our clients on IR35 – myfm makes engaging interim staff easy

This information is relevant if you currently engage interim contractors via myfm or have done so in the past. We want to reassure you about the steps we are taking to make it easy for you to continue to do this when rules change in April on the assessment of IR35 status. Also, feel free […]

The more things change…… stay true to your values

By Shane Arnold, Business Unit Director, myfm –      Furlough, R-number, mRNA, anti-vaxxers, Zoom – few of us were aware of these terms a year or so ago, but now they are in our everyday conversations. So much has changed in so little time. I wrote early last year about how I saw potential […]

IR35 – is it the final push this time?

By Ulf Muller and the team at myfm Remember all the fuss about getting ready for the changes in IR35 this time last year? And then, like so many other things, implementation was paused because of Covid-19. Back in April when the news was released that the new rules wouldn’t kick in for another 12 […]


Time to take stock of your assets?

As a large proportion of office workers continue to work from home, the pictures of deserted city centres are becoming all too familiar. What we rarely get to see on our screens is the near empty workspaces which sit behind those city centre facades. Put simply, fewer people are leaving home for work and they […]

Why muddle through when you can triumph?

We all know the theory about why managers should delegate, and it is so much more than just off loading the jobs you don’t fancy doing yourself! Delegation helps you focus your energy on the most important jobs in hand. Often, it provides the opportunity to get tasks completed by someone who can do a […]

The dynamic workplace is already the “new normal” so what are the implications?

by Julian Harrison, Business Unit Director, myfm “Stay home – protect the NHS – save lives……Return to work if it is safe to do so…Work from home if you can….” Despite the mixed messages the reality is stark and clear; most office buildings occupancy levels remain at 20% or less. So where has everyone gone […]

Join myfm for an online seminar, hosted by RICS, on FM contracts in a changing workplace

Takes place Friday 23 October 2020, 1pm to 2pm. Speaker is myfm Business Unit Director, Julian Harrison. Facilities and workplace management has a significant impact on business success, impacting employee productivity, staff retention and client perception. The workplace is continuously evolving, with Covid-19 acting as a further accelerator of change. As business and industry seek […]

Be your own boss within our interim recruitment business

Few working in the recruitment industry doubt that we are in a period of major upheaval. So much has changed in 2020 – working practices, uncertainty about further lockdowns, the economy, greater reliance on online methods for selection and vetting – and all this is having an impact on the way firms are choosing to […]


Create a safety net now to manage unexpected resourcing challenges

Whether you are embarking on home improvements or managing complicated resourcing plans for an FM team, unexpected problems come up, even with the best planning in place. When I was up a ladder the other day deciding that roofs weren’t actually my thing after all, I started to think about the process we follow when […]

Don’t lose the opportunity of new talent because of a freeze on recruitment

Find out how myfm can help you access the talent you need, even when there is a freeze on permanent recruitment.

Return to work – myfm resources available online

Did you miss the two RICS online seminars featuring myfm on preparing workplaces for a safe return to work post Covid-19 ? If so, take a look at our presentation materials. In Part 1 Julian Harrison and Marcus Newton of myfm tackled management, risk, accountability and social distancing.  Part 2 focused on hygiene, cleaning, hard […]

Join myfm & RICS for two online seminars on planning for a safe return to work

Join myfm speakers Julian Harrison and Marcus Newton for the first of two online seminars, hosted by RICS, on planning for a safe return to work post Covid-19. In the first session on June 8, Return to Work – Management, Risk, Accountability & Social Distancing – they will help those responsible for managing the workplace […]

Returning to work – 8 tips to guide property and facility managers

By myfm Business Unit Director, Julian Harrison Facilities managers, building managers and occupiers are working night and day to prepare for the gradual lifting of lockdown measures and the reopening of many workplaces. They know all too well that as plans are prepared to get people back to work, there are many issues to consider […]

Covid-19: Will it change the skills required in FM?

By Shane Arnold, Business Unit Director, myfm During a pandemic, it is all too easy to catastrophise and overplay the likely long-term changes once the world establishes a new “normal”. This is simply human nature. When we are forced to change the way we operate at the speed we have experienced over the past few […]


At myfm, we are supporting our clients in these challenging times by sharing our knowledge and experience, and through the placement of specialist FM contractors. Our commitment to you remains steadfast. We will help to keep your business operating as effectively as possible, so you can minimise the risks for you and your clients. For […]

IR35 – is this really as complicated as it sounds?

At MyFM we seem to have inboxes full of messages offering help and advice and telling us how complicated the latest changes to IR35 will be – but they really aren’t. Naturally, we’ve been carefully studying the potential impact the IR35 changes will have on our own business and I’m sure many of you are […]

How do you decide how many people to interview?

Deciding how many individuals to interview for a job opportunity is a problematic and challenging task. For many, one of the easiest and simplest solutions is to interview everyone that appears to be suitable for the opportunity and has the necessary qualifications. Whilst this may seem like a good idea on paper, a large pool […]

Facilities Management is Dead

What exactly are we talking about when we discuss facilities management? For many people who regularly procure and implement FM services for the offices, shopping centres, hospitals and airports who rely on them, it is quite simply what it says on the tin: the fundamentals of keeping a building and a company going. The industry’s […]

Coming to terms with the integrator model.

Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things. The integrator model, whereby all the functions, processes and competencies within a facilities contract are brought together into one operational programme, has long been lauded for the efficiency improvements it brings. Together with technological improvements that allow for the “internet of things” to be […]

myfm totally dependable

Permanent recruitment solutions with Myfm.

When FM service providers are looking to make a permanent recruitment, they have several different options at their disposal. For many of them, the more obvious solutions can be the most salient for their specific needs. there are numerous large recruitment companies that can supply an on-demand service for the relevant talent. The likes of […]

An Outsourced solution that makes sense

Keeping a grip on overheads is one of the most persistent challenges faced by FM professionals. It doesn’t matter whether its hard or soft services, public or private sector, a £5 million or £25 million contract valuation, our clients face an almost daily struggle to find where they can make haircuts on the cost of […]

The importance of the “Culture Fit”

A few days ago, Myfm were in discussions with one of our most important clients concerning our future relationship. Whilst it was clear that they valued our dependability of service and strong commercial expertise, what was mentioned as a factor that singled us out from the competition is how intimately we understood the inner workings […]

Introducing Maxcene Crowe

There is no doubt that Maxcene Crowe, Myfm’s newest Director, will bring a cool head and an experienced hand to the business. Maxcene’ s breath of all-round experience in FM ensures she is perfectly placed to provide end to end solutions to her clients, but her expertise really shines in the transition and mobilisation space. […]

Reliability Begets Loyalty

It can often be remarkable just how strong a longstanding associate relationship can be. Many companies that facilitate the sale of interim human resources rely heavily, at least at first, on a relatively modest-sized pool of reliable associate talent. Myfm isn’t really an exception to the rule. Whilst we are confident that our associate pool […]

Why flexibility is crucial

The customer in the modern economy is very demanding. It’s no longer enough for a service to be delivered efficiently and professionally. The delivery must be on OUR time, in OUR budget and tailored specifically to OUR unique needs and requirements. This kind of demand for sophistication in the services we use often clashes with […]

Not Being “too corporate”

The professional services world can feel oppressively impersonal at times. Throughout the constant flurry of organising the minutiae of bids and contracts, and with a constant eye on margins, there can be a temptation to think of ourselves as acting like cogs in a clockwork process that moves along procedurally with little regard for the […]

Dealing with the Unexpected

Anyone who has been following political events in Westminster over the last few months will know just how quickly a situation can fundamentally change around us. With every new day, it appears as if events are not only speeding up but becoming more uncertain. Every new headline about shifting loyalties, new votes, new deals, rejected […]

Using the tools you have, not the ones you want.

I was having a discussion with a colleague this week who was having trouble with a new database they have been using for their job. A substantial amount of money had been spent on a sourcing platform which was marketed to us on the basis that it would make the process of finding associates for […]

The Art of the Middleman

From brokers and lawyers to head-hunters, agents and consultants, and the modern economy is awash with “middlemen”. It’s a word that is often used derisively, but in a market largely defined by its almost endless choice and unlimited demand, the ability to facilitate the relationship between supplier and customer remains a vital function within almost […]

Could outsourcers benefit from mediation?

It hasn’t been the most successful couple of weeks for Outsourcers. At one point last week, Interserve’s share price had dropped to 29p, the lowest in over 30 years. Interserve have also been forced by investors to pull out of the consortium heading the expansion of Durham University, as well as being fined for numerous […]

Keeping Your Network Small

I was chatting to a colleague this week about why he keeps so few permanent connections on LinkedIn. He said that he only really needs around 150 people in his network to make optimal use of the platform. A network that is too large and unwieldy is a hindrance, not a help. If we’re honest, […]

Reacting to your needs quickly – A Dependable Response

In business today, we accept that events happen at speed and that our decisions must match the pace.  We get frustrated when the IT connection takes more than a few seconds or we are caught in a queue. Managers in Facilities Services are routinely faced with juggling resources and making a call to use a […]


Why FM service providers increasingly use interim support to resolve their issues

For FM service providers being able to react to their client’s demands or contractual compliance issues in a cost effective, timely and effective way is paramount in today’s competitive FM market where reputation and profitable growth is all. The good news for interim managers and project support resources is that for them to be able […]


Shaking off the Corporate Shackles

A recent LinkedIn poll showed that some of the biggest fears for FM professionals that prevented them from going it alone and starting their own business – a dream for many people – was the fear of the unknown, a to small network of possible clients, having no IT or finance department, carrying out non-revenue […]


Is there a skills gap appearing

Over the last 3 or 4 years in the FM sector we have seen an increased dilution of skilled staff from organisations who have been restructuring either through acquisition or cost cutting activities. Many of these are time served middle management with significant skills and experience. As the market starts to become more buoyant will […]


Mobilisation – In-House or Outsourced

Everyone in FM acknowledges that the long-term success of a new contact has its foundation in a professional mobilisation. The question is what is the best way to ensure that is achieved. Is it better to use in-house resource, outsource or even a combination. It seems that unless you have a constant requirement for a […]