An Outsourced solution that makes sense

Keeping a grip on overheads is one of the most persistent challenges faced by FM professionals. It doesn’t matter whether its hard or soft services, public or private sector, a £5 million or £25 million contract valuation, our clients face an almost daily struggle to find where they can make haircuts on the cost of logistics, sub-contracting, and crucially, staffing and mobilisation.

In a business where margins are often wafer-thin, it can be useful for contract-directors to pull the trigger on an outsourced solution to a resource requirement. Not only does it free up the use of internal capabilities and funds that would otherwise be tied up in an ancillary HR department, it can ensure that expertise is utilised as efficiently as possible and only when needed.

Making use of an outsourced solution in the interim management space can be a particularly nimble way of dealing with a performance issue. Interims can be placed at very short notice, are proactive problem-solvers, and can be aimed directly at resolving a problem without taking on a long-term commitment.

Whilst it is true that end user clients can be put off by what might appear to be a reactive, uncosted exercise, there are many situations where an out-of-house mobilisation solution makes sense, both as a check on overheads and as a performance enhancement.

The interim management support services we provide for instance are carefully calibrated to solve both issues simultaneously.

Not carrying the overhead associated with internal resourcing would allow a contract director to take full advantage of the kind of integrated service solutions Myfm provides, which holds many advantages over a traditional temp agency. A service that can go beyond placing a ‘bum on a seat’ for a specific role and instead offers to “manage the problem” for as long as it exists, allows a far greater degree of flexibility.

A managed service is solution orientated, rather than requirement orientated. Rather than merely placing specific associates into specific roles whilst our clients continue to go around fighting fires as they come up, we tailor and oversee the resources we offer specifically to each client’s needs, so that performance issues are permanently dealt with. This not only allows our clients to shift much of the associated risk with using an outsourced service, but also maintains all the advantages of using an in-house resource.

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